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Learning CenterThe MVTS Learning Center is a place of quiet, comfort and safety that encourages learning and socialization. Each child's classroom is individualized for the needs of the student. Educational software, videos and web-based tools are used liberally during the day to supplement each student's individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Computers are an integral and essential way to reinforce concepts by taking advantage of the attraction they hold for individuals on the autism spectrum. Students are taught in a natural environment addressing social skill development, language-based communication, activities of daily living, IEP goals and objectives, fine and gross motor skills, sensory intervention, and behavioral support. MVTS welcome visitors from the community, including fire fighters, police officers, dentists, doctors, and others, who share information about their professions.


Autism ScholarshipWe believe that when a child is diagnosed with autism, early and intensive treatment is crucial.


AssistanceMVTS provides one-on-one, in-home support and assistance, and specialized services to children, adolescents, and young adults with developmental disabilities who are approved for the DD Individual Options, Level One, and SELF Waivers.

MVTS is a certified agency provider which encompasses Homemaker Personal Care, Skill Development, Behavior Plans and Transportation. As a certified agency provider,  MVTS provides services as they are explicitly stated on each Individual Service Plan (ISP).

IndividualizedThere are many different philosophies for treating ASD, from dietary regimen to behavioural modification.   MVTS does not promote or dismiss any one treatment – we implement one that’s right for your child because no two children with autism are the same, and what works best for one may be different for another.

MVTS offers your child a completely individualized program with direct, one-on-one instruction.  We work in collaboration with your child’s team of specialists and continually assess progress and modify treatments according to how well your child grows and responds.

PartneringOur staff partners with families to build trust, promote continuity of learning and reinforce key strategies. Together with families, our professionals work to build a consistent and comfortable structure within which success is always celebrated. We understand and acknowledge that the parents, tutors and caregivers of our students are our greatest resources and strongest partners.   We welcome and value their observations, thoughts, ideas and concerns.